Bill Pay

Managing your bills has never been so fast & simple


With BillPay, you have the ability to make payments directly from your checking account to any business or person within the United States. You control who receives payments, when payments are sent, and the amount of each payment. Tired of worrying about late fees because you forgot to make a payment? Set up automatic payments, and your bills will be paid promptly. Login to your online banking account and to start paying your bills today!


The Convenience of BillPay

  • Schedule your payments at your convenience
  • Your confidential information is always secure
  • Save on the cost of checks, envelopes, and postage
  • Control which bills are paid, when they are paid, and how much is paid
  • Easily set up your payees
  • Create reminders for yourself when payments approach their due date
  • Schedule payments as frequently as you desire: once, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Make an unlimited number of payments
  • IT’S FREE!