New Message from FSB: You have money!


With all of the convenient features that come with online and mobile banking, we can’t forget about E-Alerts. What are E-Alerts? They are notifications that are sent to you by text message* or e-mail to inform you of certain activity with your account or accounts at FSB. When you set up your E-Alerts, you choose the type of activity you wish to be notified about. When that event occurs, a message will be sent to your SMS text capable device or your email. It’s another easy to use feature that assists you in managing your accounts.

*Message and data rates may apply. Contact your service provider for more details.

Alerts Available

  • Checking Accounts
    • Check Clearings
    • Daily Balance
    • High/Low Balance
    • Pending Transactions
  • Savings Accounts
    • Daily Balance
  • CDs & IRAS
    • CD Maturity
  • Loans
    • Loan Payment Due